1st International Workshop on Learning Path Recommender Systems

June 21-25, 2021 – Cyberspace (within UMAP)


The Workshop Motivation

The use of teaching through computer tools (e-learning) started to widespread in the beginning of the 2000’s as a complementary resource to classroom education. We then started to think about personalization in such environments, we discovered that “one-size-fits-all” solutions are not effective to foster learning. Different students should receive different resources, that should be adapted to their profiles. Since the beginning of the confinement, due COVID pandemic, the e-learning is no longer used as only a complementary resource but become the only possible way to teach. This sudden changing of teaching paradigm has generated a huge amount of digital learning resources but not always providing the proper tools to handle such resources. A learning-path (an ordered sequence of learning resources to achieve a specific learning goal) created by the educator is one of the ways to guide the students through the overwhelmingly number of resources available on internet. Such construction of learning paths aims to avoid the students’ cognitive overload, lack of motivation, and consequently dropout. However, such learning-paths generated by educators are also limited by the educators’ capability to analyze a large amount of available learning resources. The construction of individual learning-paths that take in consideration each student learning style, background, and preferences during the selection of resources seems like an impossible task to be executed by a human educator. We then propose this 1st International Workshop of Learning Path Recommendation Systems (LPRS) to receive and discuss papers that provide a way to guide the students in e-learning scenarios. The workshop will be held fully online within the UMAP conference.

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